Call to Art Festival Vendors!

Location of the Festival, Date & Time

Our festival is taking place next year 2021 at:

1878 Post Office Rd 

Ogletree Gap Park Copperas Cove Texas 

Last weekend of April Saturday 11AM- 7PM &  April Sunday 11AM - 4PM for further communication information

(West side of Copperas Cove directly off of Business 190)


For your convenience, we are staying on the last weekend of April every year.

Vendor set up begins Friday the last weekend of April after 5PM

Festival Vendors Onsite        Last weekend of April Saturday  8AM- 7PM

                                                                                April Sunday     9AM- 4PM     

Fill out our application and choose 3 location options from our layout is as follows:




We want to assure our sponsors and vendors, that we will always take the time to meet with our volunteers running each of our engagements. They are assigned annually.  Any updates will always be on this page.

Especially in times of city, county, state and federal issues. Those REQUIRED directives and details will be posted here as well.

We are focused with what has happened during the time of Art Fest at the Gap 2020, and require a festival team that can respond to us. I assure you if you contact us through the website information provided you will always be well informed.

Our Board of Directors & Executive Staff are always the teams that watch overall safety, continuity of information and the business side of your needs.  We make sure there is an action plan. Even more so, now.

Vending with us is a good thing, we pride ourselves in taking very good care of our vendors.

We are positive but want to be proactive in case of necessity.  The belief is that that your hard earned money is placed as you wanted or returned in the most organized fashion during times of cancellation. (mass cancellation)

Out of care and concern for our patrons, vendors and sponsors, we want to keep all vendors informed.

Example this past year’s (2020) Five Hills Art Guild Festival “Art Fest at the Gap” was cancelled due to the Corona Virus (COVID-19). Countywide, Statewide, then eventually Nationally. The officers over the entire Guild were available and proactive; as they could be, to ensure safety of members and their vendors, before the county was notifying the citizens.  We were meeting internally on your behalf to plan in the event of a problem or how to continue to be on television to push people to come to our festival and for you as a vendor to be pleased with the general population knowing about and attending our great festival.

AGAIN, the safety of attendees, vendors, and volunteers always comes first. 

We do not take situational awareness lightly. Please always check our websites for updates if you have any questions like the 2020 festival. If you were spoken to in the past by volunteers and volunteer members, to be a vendor or entertainment, and have not been contacted from our office please email us. We would love to add you or your venue , to future festivals and events we added to offset the loss of the festival for 2020.

Having our festival & events are our honor and privilege to bring to our area!

In the event such things were to happen, we issue full refunds to the vendors and the sponsors for the amount that was paid to the Five Hills Art Guild. Should anyone wish to donate their fees at that time; as a donation, can always contact us via email.

Looking forward to other local venues and events we have been planning & of course... next year's festival!

With Regards

Executive Board of Five Hills Art Guild


Art Vendor Section First Come First Serve for locations pick


Food Vendor Locations

Grow your food truck locations with us! 

Your location is determined by the times that you pull into the site.  This year our site has areas throughout the park. You will be on a level surface on the road of the festival, so each spot is getting optimal traffic because venues were added.

Looking for all Sweet and Savory styles! 

Home cooking, BBQ, drinks, deserts, vegan, vegetarian, etc... The more CREATIVE Menu the better.

Please tell us more about your food truck business by filling out our application (below the art vendor application), resave it in your business name, attach your menu & send to 


10X10 Art Vendor Locations

As you can see by our website. We want our vendors to get optimal advertising.  Feel free to make fliers for those that you come into contact with to add to the patrons. We can also send you a copy of our flier to help spread the word. Our focus is artistic made & design and crafted works by our vendors.

Reserve through payment and don't forget to choose 3 hopeful locations quickly while you have a chance at them. No spot is guaranteed but we will do the best. First come first serve.

 Please tell us more about your art business by filling out our application (downloadable below) resave with you business name, & send to 

FestivalArtVendorApplicationFillable (pdf)


FestivalFoodVendorApplicationFillable (pdf)