Member Benefits



Is a non-profit organization. The Guild was founded in 2015 by a group of Local artists. 

The Guild educates, supports and encourages creativity in appreciation /patronage of the arts and craftsmanship within the community. 


 We welcome artisans and art enthusiast through membership. Being part of our organization takes careful consideration. Our members are important to our organization they run the Guild operations. The members assist the Guild with:


¨ Promote and host local Festivals

¨ Offers educational opportunities

¨ Generates activities/ field trips

¨ Display/sell Members Art work

¨ Networking with other organizations

Monthly General Meetings

is our opportunity to update the general membership, exchange information, introduce group activities, and address upcoming events.

Member Mingles

this is a chance to socialize with other artists, members, prospective members and the community. Feel Free to bring a friend/prospective member to join and enjoy an opportunity for members to showcase, generate commissions, and sell their artwork. This forum broadens artistic experience and awareness within the community.